Business Experimentation

Creating new, innovative ideas and ways to improve is essential for stimulating success within a company. Innovations and ideas for a business are products of extensive research and experimenting. It is therefore not enough to merely have ideas.

The real question is whether the ideas will yield results. That’s why evidence is needed if these ideas and methods are actually effective. This evidence lies in the data obtained during business experiments. Therefore, business experiments are important not only to test and validate the ideas and methods, but also to determine the right method of implementation.

Our Solutions Include

  • Feasibility study
  • Pilots
  • Marketing experimentation
  • Scientific control
  • Control group
  • Prototype

Agricultural Experiments

Experiments are processes in which research methods and techniques are applied to assumptions or hypotheses. By testing this hypotheses and subjecting them to analysis, measurements, and validation, a conclusion can be formed based on the facts. If the conclusion is positive, the decision is made to continue with the product or service. Should the conclusion show results are still insufficient, the product/service is either discarded or improved and tested again.

Our Consultancy services in agricultural experiments.

  • Experimental designs such as RCBD, Alpha lattice, Split-plot etc.
  • Laying out of Agricultural experiments
  • Data collection in Agricultural Experiments
  • Data analysis using mainly SAS, GenStat and R
  • Interpretation of results such as GGE plot, stability analysis